November 25, 2011

Friday Food ~ Raspberry Lemonade in a Tea Maker

I love the Raspberry Lemonade they serve at Olive Garden, so my husband, Jason and I decided to try to make it at home! We used to make it in a pot with tea bags, but they Jason's parents gave us a tea maker for Christmas last year, so since them we've been making it in there. It's so much easier!
Raspberry Lemonade
9 Raspberry Herbal Tea bags
Lemonade mix = 2 quarts
Water & Ice
Add ice to the tea maker as you would to make tea. Add 2 quarts worth (enough powder to make 2 quarts) into the pitcher with the ice.
We use this kind of Raspberry Tea!
Place 9 tea bags in the "tea area" of the tea maker.
Add the correct amount of water as your tea maker requires. Push start!
Once the tea maker turns off, just stir the Raspberry Lemonade until it is well mixed and all the lemonade powder has dissolved. Enjoy!

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