May 10, 2011

Tues. News ~ Brand new . . . gorgeous faucets!

Gorgeous, isn't it!? This is the new look in our master bedroom bathroom!

This is the old one. . . err . . . ummm . . . err . . . not sure what to say . . .

Before . . . This is what the old faucet looked like. One of them was leaking, and couldn't be fixed. My husband is really, really good at fixing things around the house, so he took on the challenge of replacing both of our faucets in the master bedroom bathroom! I am so happy with the results! Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

After our baby boy, Isaac, watched his Daddy replacing the faucets, he decided to try to do some work under one of my kitchen cabinets. He removed a bunch of my stuff, mostly picnic supplies, and then tried to lean back like he had seen Daddy doing! There is a small shelf in there, so he couldn't really do it, but he sure did try!

He likes to hang out under this cabinet, but recently I did an overhaul and completely reorganized all the picnic supplies, so now he really can't get in there very easily. Now he's on to other adventures, like climbing up on our bed without help! It's a tall bed, too! What's next!?

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