April 20, 2011

Wednesday Away ~ San Fransisco

We spent our family vacation in California two summers ago, and one of our sight-seeing destinations was San Fransisco!
Here are my top 10 favorite things about San Fran . . .
#1 ~ While walking around one of those beautiful row-house neighborhoods, we spotted this gigantic, gorgeous echeveria succulent plant! I couldn't believe how big they were! I hope to grow some of these around my house soon!

#2~ Lombard street! This is the steepest, curviest street I've ever driven down! It was very beautiful with all the flowers and landscaping around it. People live along it, so at one point we watched someone pulling out of their driveway onto it! I'm not sure I would want to live there, because tourists are constantly hanging around and trying to drive down it!

Here we are with Lombard street in the background. There were lots of flowers along it, mostly hydrangeas, and they were in full bloom!
#3 ~ Staying in the Palace Inn! See www.sfpalace.com . It's a historic hotel, and absolutely amazing!

We swam in the pool on the last day we were there!

#4 ~ San Fransisco row houses! They are EVERYWHERE!

#5 ~ The Embarcadero is along the water, and they had the most wonderful farmer's market!

#6 ~ Chocolates on my pillow! I have stayed in a lot of different hotels, but our visit to San Francisco was the first time I ever found chocolates on my pillow!
This lovely hotel also had a great view!!

# 7~ The San Francisco Botanical Gardens. We saw some of the most beautiful and unique flowers and plants there!

#8~ Skyline view of San Francisco

#9 ~ This view of the bay!
#10 ~ And of course, the Golden Gate Bridge!

Along this section of the walking trail, we saw a pod of four dolphins swimming! They even did some synchronized jumps out of the water! That was really amazing to watch!

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